Supporting families of domestic violence situations, homelessness and mental health.

About Defenders For Hope

We help domestic violence victims and survivors.

Defenders for Hope believes that by sharing expertise, advocates and policy-makers can end Domestic Violence. Every day we inspire, inform and connect all concerned with the issue, because…
together, we’re stronger

Since 2021

Defenders For Hope is an Australian charity that supports families of domestic violence situations, homelessness and mental health.

The original plan was to open the Logan Village store to raise money for charities that help domestic violence victims. However, it quickly evolved into a one-stop shop that could provide assistance to anyone in need of help.

Defenders For Hope quickly saw a greater need, with few programs available. This lead to the development of their own programs including:

  • Backpacks for kids filled with supplies
  • Workshops and counselling services
  • Supplying household essentials, washing machines and fridges for people who have moved

It has continued to grow and is now on the frontline, providing urgent help to anyone who needs it.

The team of volunteers have found that many of their clients are males – as most domestic violence assistance programs are targetted towards women and children. The Defenders For Hope doors are open to everyone. They are filling the gap by helping dads in need.

Since the first store opening in 2021, two more op shops have opened in Hillcrest and Jimboomba. This has been made possible by the huge support they have received from the general public of the local communities, committed and tireless volunteers and donations by local businesses.

Our Vision and Mission

An Australia free from domestic violence.

OUR MISSION: Defenders for Hope promotes the collective voice of a diverse coalition of organizations and individuals, working to eliminate all forms of domestic violence. As an advocate for social change, we advance our mission by:


Shaping public policy

Increasing community awareness
Strengthening our members’ capacity to work toward our common goal of advancing the safety and healing of victims, survivors and their families.

Stay up to date with what we are doing over on our Defenders For Hope Facebook Page.

Domestic Violence Fundraising Initiatives

Op Shop icon

Op Shops

Our Op Shops are located in Logan Village, Hillcrest and Jimboomba. They have become the hub for many of our programs and the drop off point for our food drives and donations to our Support Packs and Bags.

Food Relief Program icon

Food Hampers & Food Relief

The Hillcrest and Jimboomba Op Shop stores offer a food relief program for families in the local community. Thursday mornings between 9am-12pm are dedicated to pensioners offering access to daily food essentials for free.

Defenders For Hope Support Packs

Support Packs & Bags

The Support Packs & Bags are an essential service to our community. We provide these bags to families escaping domestic violence, parents struggling to cope, youth and homeless, teens coping with mental health issues and children.

Uniting Against Domestic Violence

Defenders for Hope was set up to recognise domestic violence coalition, organizations and allied groups. Through our public policy, communications and capacity-building efforts, we align prevention and intervention strategies to advance much needed social change.

Contact Defenders For Hope

Defenders For Hope Op Shop Locations

Hillcrest Op Shop

108 Anzac Ave, Hillcrest

Logan Village Op Shop

U6, 10 Industrial Ave, Logan Village

Jimboomba Op Shop

U3, 82 Anders St, Jimboomba

Beaudesert Op Shop

U3-5, 1 Telemon St, Beaudesert

Op Shop Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday: 9:00am - 4:00pm