Supporting families of domestic violence situations, homelessness and mental health.

Help Us Help Your Community

Community Sponsorship Program Opportunities

We are always looking for community-minded people and local business heroes who would love to support Defenders For Hope by helping us care for our community.

Sponsorship Options

We have several community sponsorship program options to suit everyone’s budget … and we’d love your help. Whether it is providing items to include in our Support Packs, items for our Food Drive Fundraisers or financial donations – your support is needed and greatly appreciated.

We support those in need with our Defenders Packs, Sheild Packs, Start-up Packs, Dignity Packs, Personal Packs, help with food and financial aid, counseling, workshops, showers, washing, transport, helping to find accommodation, and just being here to offer support and a listening ear over a cup of coffee.

All donations are tax-deductible and you will be advertised on our social media and through our networks as a sponsor (if you wish) … and the best part … you will be helping those in most need, in our community.

Please send us a private message on our Facebook page or send us a message here if you are interested in sponsoring us or would like more information.


Support Packs 

Individuals, business owners, church groups and other community organisations are all invited to help us help our community. Contact us for a list of the needed items and to learn how to make this happen.

Family Home Strater pack icon

Defenders Family Starter Pack

Providing home essentials to families who are starting over again after being affected by domestic violence. eg kitchen appliances, cleaning supplies, linen, laundry, cooking & eating utensils, bedding.

Support pack for homeless youth icon

Youth and Homeless Shield Pack

A duffle bag is provided filled up with the daily life essentials for the young and homeless 12-25 years. eg GO card, toiletries, radio, bug repellent, sunscreen, condoms, water resistant clothing, torch, drink bottle, footwear.

Kids Emergency Pack icon

Emergency Pack for Children

For children 2-10 years of age, this pack meets their immediate needs in an emergency. eg clothes size 2-10 (jumper/pants), pyjamas, socks, underwear, toys, pencil case, colouring books, toiletry bag and items.

Coping Pack icon

Defenders Coping Box

This pack is filled with self help tools to assist parents who are struggling to cope with situations that seem overwhelming.

Teen survival kit icon

Mental Health Defenders Kit

This kit has been compiled especially for helping teens in our community cope with mental health issues.

School pack icon

Back to School Defender Packs

A backpack filled with all the school essentials including pens, pencils, highlights, pencil case, eraser, glue stick, lunch box, water bottle, label stickers, ruler, calculator, crayons.

Sensory Bag icon

Sensory Defenders Bag

These bags are filled with items that kids can play with that will calm them down. They are used by police, first responders and DV agencies to soothe and communicate with traumatised childen.

Food Drive Fundraiser

Food is the most immediate and tangible way to give someone a hand. Food drives are held year-round and are an important source of non-perishable food for many local families. If you are able to give, please choose nutritious items that contribute to the good health of people struggling with hunger.


Canned Meats (tuna, chicken, salmon)


Canned Vegetables


Canned Fruits


100% fruit juice


Jars of Spread (Peanut Paste, Vegemite)


Canned and Boxed Meals (soup, mac and cheese)


Canned or dried beans


Pasta, rice, and cereal


Long life milks


Low-fat, low-sodium, low-sugar products

Our Food Drive Fundraiser is a great way for schools, offices, community groups, and places of worship to join Defenders For Hope in collecting food for families in need.

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